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Lufthansa Express: here for you, all the way

Lufthansa Express: here for you, all the way

Whether it’s in modern ICE trains, comfortable long-distance buses, limousines, helicopters or carsharing offers – whether it’s before or after the flight, you should feel well looked after and travel seamlessly. The various services taking you to and from the airport have now been combined under the name Lufthansa Express.

Lufthansa Express Rail, previously known as Lufthansa AIRail: the perfect combination of train and plane. Lufthansa Express Rail operates between Frankfurt Airport (long-distance railway station) and the main railway stations of Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Karlsruhe and Mannheim.

Lufthansa Express Bus, previously known as Lufthansa Airport Bus: perfectly timed for flight connections. It takes passengers from Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Strasbourg and Bonn to Frankfurt Airport, and passengers from Regensburg and Augsburg to Munich Airport and back. More destinations in Bavaria will be available from December 2015.

You can book the Lufthansa Express Rail and Bus connections simply in combination with your flight at a travel agency or via and thus benefit from optimal transit times, a connection and rebooking guarantee.

Services offered by Lufthansa Express’s cooperation partners

Lufthansa Express Bus in cooperation with Autobus Oberbayern: in Munich Lufthansa passengers can travel every 20 minutes quickly and comfortably from Munich city centre to the airport and back again.

Rail & Fly in cooperation with Lufthansa Express: Lufthansa Express, together with Deutsche Bahn, is offering train connections to all German domestic airports served by Lufthansa to all passengers with an international connecting flight (except to Brussels, Vienna, Zurich and Amsterdam). The train tickets can be booked easily in combination with the flight at

Lufthansa Express Shuttle, previously Airport Shuttle Service: comfortable coaches and minibuses take travellers directly to the airports. The Lufthansa Express Shuttles currently operate from Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport and from Regensburg to Munich Airport.

Lufthansa Express Helicopter: passengers who want to reach the Alps from Munich Airport directly, quickly and avoiding traffic jams can be taken to the mountains in the helicopters operated by our cooperation partner HTM – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lufthansa Express Carsharing: a new service, which will shortly enable passengers to make the trip to or from the airport in comfort with a car from a Carsharing partner, while saving on parking fees.*

Lufthansa Express Chauffeur: for an especially comfortable journey to and from the airport, Lufthansa Express Chauffeur provides various exclusive offers:

• In Dusseldorf Lufthansa Express offers a chauffeur service to and from the airport in cooperation with myDriver – and at a lower price than taking a taxi.

• In Frankfurt Lufthansa passengers benefit from a wide-ranging shuttle service which is offered in cooperation with Frankfurt Airport's operator Fraport. Everything from a limousine service which picks up passengers from home and takes them directly to the departure gate – and back – to a comfortable chauffeur service for trade fair visitors between the gate and the Frankfurt trade fair.

Further detailed information can be found at


* More information will follow after contract conclusion.




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